Who We Are

Holy Ghost Notes is a podcast that focuses on real talk about Christianity and Drums hosted by Matt Greiner and Tim Anderson.

We aim to challenge the status quo, and inspire people to be their best selves and to live fulfilled lives.
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97: The Last Word (Things I Wish I Knew + Loyalty) The Holy Ghost Notes Podcast

On episode ninety seven of Holy Ghost Notes, Matt talks about August Burns Red’s new release, Death Below, and Tim realizes that he always has to have the final word. The guys talk about a few things they would tell their younger drummer selves if they had the opportunity, and then venture into the listener-requested topic of loyalty. Tim plays devil’s advocate and presents a number of hypotheticals while Matt grounds the conversation with some spiritual truths.
  1. 97: The Last Word (Things I Wish I Knew + Loyalty)
  2. 96: All The Small Things (Warming Up + The Little Things)
  3. 95: Reality Check (Constant vs. Variable + Read the Bible)
  4. 94: We Need Help (Preparing for Tour + Counseling/Therapy)
  5. 93: Judgemental Tim (Comfort Zone + Comfort Zone)