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Holy Ghost Notes is a podcast that focuses on real talk about Christianity and Drums hosted by Matt Greiner and Tim Anderson. Listen to our latest episode below!

50: Hal Rosenfeld The Holy Ghost Notes Podcast

On episode fifty of Holy Ghost Notes, Matt and Tim are joined by drummer, composer and orchestrator, Hal Rosenfeld, who has worked on projects for The Greatest Showman, Ringo Starr, Hans Zimmer, Kanye, Fortnite, The Jonas Brothers, and many more! Hal tells some outrageous stories of sessions he's worked on, and the guys talk about the most valuable way to succeed in the music industry. Finally, they all take turns talking about their "dream" artists to work with.
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  3. 48: Alex Rüdinger
  4. 47: Justin Scott
  5. 46: Just Relax (Speed & Stamina + What Are You Missing Out On?)