Who We Are

Holy Ghost Notes is a podcast that focuses on real talk about Christianity and Drums hosted by Matt Greiner and Tim Anderson.

We aim to challenge the status quo, and inspire people to be their best selves and to live fulfilled lives.
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101: Kind Of A Big Deal (Check Yourself + Stress) The Holy Ghost Notes Podcast

On episode one hundred and one, Tim shares about his recent move and the nostalgia that set in while cleaning his old house one last time. Then the guys talk about the importance of "checking yourself" or examining the state of your emotions prior to a performance or a rehearsal and how your emotional state can show through. Matt tells a story that ushers them into the topic of stress. Then, Tim shares about a number of things going on in his life and how he's gained perspective through the anxiety surrounding all of it.
  1. 101: Kind Of A Big Deal (Check Yourself + Stress)
  2. 100: Matt & Tim React
  3. 99: 99 Problems, The Band Ain’t One (Playing with Musicians + Fitting God In)
  4. 98: Forsaken (Misconceptions + Easter)
  5. 97: The Last Word (Things I Wish I Knew + Loyalty)