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Holy Ghost Notes is a podcast that focuses on real talk about Christianity and Drums hosted by Matt Greiner and Tim Anderson. Listen to our latest episode below!

61: Back, From the Back Lounge (Finding Your Why +Asking ”Why?”) The Holy Ghost Notes Podcast

On episode sixty one of Holy Ghost Notes, Matt and Tim laugh about the technical difficulties leading up to the recording of the episode, and Matt realizes how much has changed in his life since the last time he was recording from the back lounge of the tour bus. The guys start off by outlining the importance of “finding your why” as a drummer/musician. Then, similarly cover the topic of finding the why behind actions followed under the umbrella of "Christianity," the slippery slope between faith and religion, and the value of simply asking, "Why?". 
  1. 61: Back, From the Back Lounge (Finding Your Why +Asking ”Why?”)
  2. 60: Seamus Evely
  3. 59: I Don't Understand (Writing a Solo + Perspective)
  4. 58: Mike Sleath
  5. 57: Whale, That Was Fun (Practice Routine + Belly of a Whale)