‘PEACE!’ Devotions

Continuing the conversation, post ‘PEACE!’ We’re aiming to encourage, inspire, and challenge you with these articles and devotionals.

Our current devotional series will be going through the book of Mark.

Jesus Is Disturbing

Mark 1:21-28 How long had the demon-possessed man been in the synagogue before anyone noticed him?  Years?  Decades?  He had probably been there a long time, but nobody knew he had a demon.  Then “immediately” (there’s Mark’s favorite word again!), Jesus went into the synagogue, which was like a church, and began to teach.  Jesus … Continue reading Jesus Is Disturbing

Living Large

Mark 1:16-20 Stories of Being Little Josh grew up in a home with a mother who was often sick, so he had to act as a caretaker for his four siblings.  Whenever he wanted to do something for himself, his parents would lay a guilt trip on him, asking him how he could be so … Continue reading Living Large

You Are a Kingdom

Mark 1:14-15 In the last devotional, we learned the arrival of Jesus (and the exit of John the Baptist) meant the transition of one age to the next.  The former age of the law became the present age of grace, also called the kingdom of God.  Today, we’re going to learn more about the kingdom … Continue reading You Are a Kingdom

Act Your Age

Mark 1:14-15 People today are talking about the world coming to an end.  Yes, there’s a worldwide pandemic, but is it a sign of the end?  We’ve got news for you, in a manner of speaking, the world has already come to an end once.  That’s what our passage is about today: the transition of … Continue reading Act Your Age

The Outsider

Mark 1:12-13 An outsider is someone who does not belong to a particular group.  He’s a visitor, a stranger.  You’ve probably felt like an outsider.  You feel you don’t really fit in at a church; it’s hard to belong at school; you have little in common at work; and your peers and family seem to … Continue reading The Outsider


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